[OSL | CCIE_Voice] How to avoid ephone being hit on SRST config

Roger Källberg Roger.Kallberg at cygate.se
Wed Feb 23 06:05:42 EST 2011

You have to change dial-peer hunt and set a higher preference on the SRST ephone than on the dial-peer that points to CUCM.

I don't know if this url will work, we have had some problem with our Juniper SSL vpn at work lately. If not Google for "dialpeer hunt" and select 4:th hit, should be on CCIE Voice notes.



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Hi All,

I setup my H323 GW w/ SRST and calls are working fine. I'm trying to follow Lab 1 Q9  from the class (When Br1 is in SRST fallback, all unanswered calls to should be sent to vmail).

The cfwd command pointed out below kicks in when registered to CUCM, so the phone never rings. It works as expected in SRST mode.

ephone-dn  1  octo-line
 number 3001
 description +13123013001
 name Br1Ph1
 preference 9
 call-forward busy 5600 <----------------------
 call-forward noan 5600 timeout 12 <--------------------------------
 no huntstop

Am I issing something simple?
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