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Vitkovsky, Adam avitkovsky at emea.att.com
Mon Nov 21 07:55:10 EST 2011

I have attended the CCIE SP Lab last Thursday and as Abdel said it was huge though really simple so it's basically only about speed and that was where I failed miserably
Next time I have to complete the biggest 1st and the small 2nd section before the lunch so I'll have enough time for 3rd and 4th sections

The majority of the questions where small and easy question and there where several big questions where I had to sit back and think them through to configure things in a modular way so that the config would work with the upcoming tasks nicely and would not require major tweaks
Next time I'll try to complete all the small "don't think just type fast" kind of questions first to finish up the lab and leave the big "design" questions at the end

They made you configure half of the stuff in XR and the other half in IOS though some configurations where completely on IOS

I've also encountered a small bug between two 7600 which I thought its some nasty trick they play on me and I thought that when I'll configure what I'm asked for it will break thins up -so I killed some time figuring out how they did the trick just to finally resign and than configured what I was asked to -and it just worked as intended so no tricks -just messed up simulator
And also I was missing some details needed for the configuration -like for example in one question a reference to a table with info -that even proctor could not find in the materials -so I killed some time searching for info that could have been enclosed with the question

There was no troubleshooting section but they made you to troubleshoot as you progress through the lab

This was my first CCIE attempt and I'm glad for the experience and looking forward for the next attempt but first I need to double up my speed
-part of the lack of speed was no configuration experience with XR (don't have those in the lab)
-as far as XR goes I was only preparing reading the configuration guides for XR and building an XR copy of what I have configured in IOS for all the technologies mentioned in the blueprints -and I'm still not sure about some details
I'm looking forward for the v3 work books


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